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    I’d like you to meet LIZ.  She’s an up & coming POP/R&B singer from California that you need to familiarize yourselves with ASAP.  LIZ is helping to bring those smooth sounds we all remember from 90s RnB/pop back into relevance with the release of her EP, Just Like You (Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD).  I have to admit, I’m kind of loving how the 90s are coming back right now; from RnB girl groups like Love Dollhouse to 90s-inspired house singer/songwriter Kiesza – the 90s are back and in full force.  Next up to the plate, LIZ and judging from what I’m hearing so far, this girl is worth your time.

    Before I get into LIZ…let’s go back in time for a sec…

    Looking back at the 90s…I’m pretty ashamed to admit some of the bands and artists I was into.  Let me preface this by saying that I was in a dark space during this time.  The early to mid nineties was pre-coming out. I definitely knew I was gay deep down…but I was caught up in the whole idea of social norms and keeping up appearances.   While music was my coping mechanism back then I wasn’t turning to uplifting pop/dance jams. The 90s for me was all about alternative rock and hip/hop.  Let’s focus on the positive…I was into Alanis.  I was into R.E.M.  Blind Melon and The Cranberries. Beck.  I dabbled in Notorious B.I.G. and BLACKstreet. Hell, I even got emotionally invested in pop (Mariah) and RnB (TLC).  Where things went dark for me…Creed. Yep. Pretty sure I own at least 2 Creed albums. Albums I purchased with my own money. Not proud of it…but with Scott Stapps “arms wide open,” how could I not go in for a hug?  (Of course I quickly got over that phase after I came out, thanks in large part to Madonna‘s loving rays of light, but I was touch and go for a while).

    That being said, I feel like I missed out on a lot of the quality 90’s RnB and dance music. As time went by, I learned to love Haddaway‘s “What Is Love” and Robin S.‘s “Show Me Love,” and even got into early Aaliyah (“One In A Million“) but when all of that GOOD 90s music came out…I wasn’t in the right head space to take it in and appreciate it.  So when I saw a blurb in this press release describing LIZ‘s sound as “Aaliyah-style R&B” with “UK bumping garage beats” and “Bmore Club hooks” I was instantly sold (despite not knowing what ‘Bmore Club hooks were – Baltimore?).  Before we go any further, give her EP a listen BELOW (available for free through Mad Decent).

    LIZ collaborated with producers including Djemba Djemba, The Picard Bros and Lido, coming up with the aurally stunning Just Like You EP. “Layering late 90s on early 90s,” LIZ doesn’t sound recycled or dated. Not at all. She sounds fresh, thanks in large part to the slick, updated production that’s more of an homage to 90s music than a cheap imitation. LIZ was a standout at this past year’s SXSW festival in Austin, where she dazzled in a strong opening set for Blondie. She also impressed critics and music fans alike with her Tyga collaboration, “Don’t Say.” LIZ also appears on the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on a Pharrell Williams-produced song called “That’s My Man.”

    Check out LIZ‘s video for a song called “HushBELOW:

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