Check out "Pretend," the new single from Swedish singer/songwriter Seinabo Sey.

Hot Video Alert: Seinabo Sey – Pretend

    Check out the video for "Pretend," the latest single from Swedish powerhouse Seinabo Sey!

    Pretend” is the latest single from Swedish powerhouse (and Music Is My King Size Bed-favorite) Seinabo Sey. Following in the footsteps of previous singles, “Hard Time,” and “Pistols at Dawn,” “Pretend” is another STUNNING example of what we can expect from her forthcoming debut, due on Virgin Records later this year. Check out the recently released video, directed by Sheila Johansson.

    The Fader originally premiered the music video for “Pretend,” and according to the music mag is essentially an ode to friendship. Shot, presumably, somewhere in Sweden (?) the video follows the story of two girlfriends, as they traipse around a beautiful European city together. The embark on a fun-filled friend fest, filled with dancing, laughter, all inside this beautiful unnamed city. The dynamic duo flit and float, pose and peacock in front of anything and everything—a movie theater, on a bridge, on a deserted subway platform, arms gyrating rhythmically above their heads. Generally, I prefer when music videos feature their main attractions (AKA the artist behind the song) but the friendship depicted in this visual is so beautiful that I don’t mind Sey’s absence. Thanks to her always-powerful, bigger-than-life vocals, she more than makes her presence known throughout.

    Check out "Pretend," the new single from Swedish singer/songwriter Seinabo Sey.

    The song was originally included on the Swedish-only release, For Maudo; a 4-track EP dedicated to her late father (the previously released For Madeleine EP was dedicated to her mother). If the slick-production sounds familiar, that’s because “Pretend” was produced by Sey’s, now frequent collaborating partner and 2015 Swedish Grammy recipient, Magnus Lidehäll (Katy Perry, Mapei). Lidehäll is the producer behind all of Sey’s recent singles, as well as her biggest international hit to date, “Younger,” still a live crowd favorite everywhere she plays. The song is driven by a steady bassline, with Sey’s haunting, almost ominous sounding vocals syncing with the pulsing drum beats. While the song is not blatantly “DANCE” music, it is the most up-tempo single we’ve heard from the Swedish star which only makes me more excited about her forthcoming debut album. There’s no question that Seinabo Sey can KILL a James Bond-esque, big vocals, belt-it-out ballad—I was just waiting and wanting to hear something different and “Pretend” is just different enough to satiate that need.

    Pretend” is available to download (iTunes) now.

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