Indie Electro-pop Duo, Wrathschild Dazzle on Sparkly New Single


    Let’s meet Wrathschild AKA Simon Curtis and Wolfy. I can’t honestly remember the last time I was this excited about a male/female pop duo. The music these two make together…WHOOSH! It’s lush. It’s sparkly. GORGEOUS harmonies. Impeccable production. Wrathschild is what pop music should be. Oh…and they only have TWO FREAKIN’ SONGS OUT! I’m having trouble containing my excitement over the prospect of an ENTIRE WRATHSCHILD album!

    What’s more impressive about Wrathschild is the fact that they are forging ahead without major label support. Now, a lot of artists go the indie route…some are successful and many more fail but you have to give them respect no matter the outcome. Both Wolfy and Simon have seen success as solo artists, with four albums between the two of them and appearances in film and TV (and don’t forget Simon’s adorable cameo in the Grease-inspired video for Frankmusik‘s Colette Carr duet, “No I.D.“) so I imagine there’s some fear and uncertainty in breaking out and forming a pop group.

    While Wrathschild only just released their first single at the end of March, Simon and Wolfy (childhood friends since the age of 14) got together and formed the group all the way back in 2012, working SECRETLY with producer Ray Reich on material for their forthcoming EP. According to an interview on, the two started out writing with other artists in mind, but ultimately decided to keep this little gem of a song for themselves.

    “I got a voice note from Wolfy with a chorus she’d just written, and immediately called her and said it was perfect. I was a few hours away, and demanded they wait for me to work on it. I was freaking out over a voice note, and desperately wanted to work with them on it.”

    That gem of a song, Wrathschild‘s first single “Fall Into Love” which was released March 31st digitally, with the video following in April (SEE ABOVE). The sparkling mid-tempo electro-pop stunner features plenty of stand out moments for both Wolfy and Simon, but it’s the harmonies in the chorus and Simon’s GORGEOUS falsetto that sold me with one listen (the tribal chanting 2:00 minutes…also genius). Wrathschild’s second single…the EQUALLY gorgeous (and sparkly) ballad, “Angeles” was unveiled this past week. Reich’s top-notch production, combined with powerhouse vocals from both Simon and Wolfy, solidify a spot in my heart (and on my iPod) for this duo.


    While Wrathschild has yet to announce a release date for their debut EP, hopefully we’ll see it before the end of the year but first things first…the duo plan to take their show on the road with some live performances. Here’s hoping these two swing by New York City!

    Listen to “Angeles” below and download both songs on iTunes.  The video for “Angeles” is set to make it’s VEVO premiere on July 7th. Check out this tantalizing teaser posted on Instagram.

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