Check out this SYNTHPOP STUNNER from Goldroom featuring George Maple

Promising Pop: Goldroom feat. George Maple – Embrace

    Check out this SYNTHPOP STUNNER from Goldroom featuring George Maple

    I’ve been infatuated with beautiful Australian singer/songwriter George Maple since I was in her vicinity at CMJ last year. While I only caught a glimpse of her set, I binged on as much of her music as I could before I arrived at the showcase and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with her vocals. While I love George Maple; the solo artist, I will take her in any capacity, which lucky for us, (she’s currently readying her debut album for public consumption) includes a couple of high-profile features on other artists songs. The latest, “Embrace” is a sparkling STUNNER of a song from Boston-born/LA-based producer/songwriter Goldroom (AKA Josh Legg). Check it out below:

    WHAT A BOP! The song features on Goldroom‘s new EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away (iTunes) and holds a special place in Goldroom‘s heart, evident in how he talks about the song on Twitter.

    While a lot of the commenters on Goldroom‘s SoundCloud page seem to be lamenting about how good the original version was, as my introduction to “Embrace,” this rendition is pure perfection.

    Before Goldroom, Josh Legg and a college classmate formed a synthpop band called NightWaves and co-founded a label (Binary Entertainment). Back in 2011 Legg started to produce tunes under the name Goldroom; a name he took from a bar in the Echo Park area of LA, and remixing for the likes of Niki and the Dove (“Mother Protect“), Penguin Prison (“Fair Warning“), St. Lucia (“All Eyes On You“), MSMR (“Hurricane“), Charli XCX (“You (Ha Ha Ha)“), (“Don’t Wanna Dance“) and more. A singer in his own right, Legg performed background vocal duties on his debut EP (Angeles) but for his follow-up, 2013’s Embrace he had a little help from his friends (including Say Lou Lou!). Ever since then it’s been non-stop tours all over the world, major love on the radio, SoundCloud and Hype Machine and from respected press outfits such as Spinner, Pitchfork, MTV and more.

    While Goldroom‘s new EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away is available to download on iTunes now, he is working with Snapchat to release a series of behind the scenes extras and interviews. In addition, every day this week Goldroom will release a new song, accompanied by a music video ALL ON SNAPCHAT. Just head to the Snap Channel on Snapchat and check them out and be on the look out for a debut album at some point soon.

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